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My name is Cali. I love writing cute little stories and taking tons of pictures. Someday I wish that I'll be a good Godly Christian Mother. I'm so excited that you checked out my blog. Enjoy!
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas time is here. Well.... not really.

   I am so excited for Christmas! I don't know why because its still a couple months away. We still have to go through Thanksgiving. I keep singing Christmas songs and every morning I look out my window to see if it snowedSadly it hasn't.  I'm ready for the stress of finding the right gift for my parents.  I know that sounds weird but,  look who's writing this.  I can't wait to put up the Christmas tree and decorate it.  I love the smell of fresh sugar cookies and the warmth of our wood stove.  So so excited that I had to blog about it.  Well thats all I have to say.  BYE!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Someone you can't replace

This week my mom went to a true woman conference and I was the replacement.  Let me tell you, being a mother is not easy.  I had to make dinner, clean up dinner, make three beds, and clean after the boys.(Dad and my brother)  I had to be me also,  I had to clean my room, do school,  empty the dishwasher, and all sorts of different chores.  I made pizza for dinner one night, IT WAS AWFUL.  Never made pizza before in my life and I had to do it without instructions.  So now I'm thankful that my mom is home.  The saying is right,  Never know what you have until you lose it.  THANKS MOM!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fashion Tips

               You don't have to wear mini skirts,  tank tops, or short shorts to look good.  I see girls all the time that have the highest fashion and they're not wearing inappropriate clothes.  Here's some tips to make your favorite clothes into modest clothes.  Have a favorite tank top, but you don't wanna give it up?  Well.... you could put a jacket over it but, why would you wanna be indoors with a jacket on?  Here's an easier way,  you can put a shorter shirt on top of it, or you can put a thin fashionable shirt under it.  Another tip,  You don't have to go to designer stores or even JCP to find the cutest clothes.  I suggest Goodwill, Salvation Army, or even yard sales.  You probably think that that's just totally gross, but actually  people try on all different clothes at designer stores.  My point is that the shirt that you just bought, may have had 15 different people in it. Not so gross after all is it. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

10 things that are weird about me!

* I hate when people chew with their mouth open

* When someone sings really good I get a chill down my back.

* I don't mind when my dad sets me on the ground in public.

* I hate the sentence "You'll see."

* I can't stand wearing socks

* My feet are harder than sandpaper.

* Sometimes I forget my name

* I can never master the ability to cook popcorn

* If someone talks too slow I forget what they're talking about

* I love to wear wigs!!!!

                        Suffering from randomness?

             Don't worry you're not alone,
    billions of people have it every second.
       Here are some signs if you are suffering from randomness.

1.  Thinking of what it would be like if horses were green.

2.  Saying that tacos are your favorite food but you still need a pet turtle.

3.  Watching a TV show and thinking," I wish I had some broccoli."

     I hope this message has been helpful to you!
              Together we can find a cure:)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New story

                             My Version of the Three little Pigs
    Don't ask me why I wrote this story because I don't even know.

          Once upon a time there was three little pigs, their name's were Johnny, Bonny, and Larry.  The three pigs really wanted some tea with lemon, so they went through the woods to find the things they needed.  Johnny went looking for the water to make the tea, Bonny was looking for lemons, and Larry was looking for teabags.  Larry wasn't the smartest of all the piggy's, he could get his foot stuck in a bucket and not know how to get it out. 

          As the pigs met back at the house to put there ingredients together, they noticed that Larry didn't collect tea, he collected dirt.  Johnny and Bonny were very disappointed that they couldn't make tea.  Suddenly they heard a knock at the door," Little pigs, Little pigs, let me come in."  There was a pause," I have tea bags."  Johnny jumped up from his chair and said, "Well, one more piggy couldn't hurt."  As Johnny opened the door, he noticed that it wasn't a piggy, it was a wolf.  After a lot of glass throwing, the wolf could finally relax and have some tea and bacon.