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My name is Cali. I love writing cute little stories and taking tons of pictures. Someday I wish that I'll be a good Godly Christian Mother. I'm so excited that you checked out my blog. Enjoy!
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

10 things that are weird about me!

* I hate when people chew with their mouth open

* When someone sings really good I get a chill down my back.

* I don't mind when my dad sets me on the ground in public.

* I hate the sentence "You'll see."

* I can't stand wearing socks

* My feet are harder than sandpaper.

* Sometimes I forget my name

* I can never master the ability to cook popcorn

* If someone talks too slow I forget what they're talking about

* I love to wear wigs!!!!

                        Suffering from randomness?

             Don't worry you're not alone,
    billions of people have it every second.
       Here are some signs if you are suffering from randomness.

1.  Thinking of what it would be like if horses were green.

2.  Saying that tacos are your favorite food but you still need a pet turtle.

3.  Watching a TV show and thinking," I wish I had some broccoli."

     I hope this message has been helpful to you!
              Together we can find a cure:)


  1. lol!! You forget your name? haha!!
    Oh, and I think I'll buy you socks for christmas!
    This was hilarious! :) :)