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My name is Cali. I love writing cute little stories and taking tons of pictures. Someday I wish that I'll be a good Godly Christian Mother. I'm so excited that you checked out my blog. Enjoy!
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Fashion Tips

               You don't have to wear mini skirts,  tank tops, or short shorts to look good.  I see girls all the time that have the highest fashion and they're not wearing inappropriate clothes.  Here's some tips to make your favorite clothes into modest clothes.  Have a favorite tank top, but you don't wanna give it up?  Well.... you could put a jacket over it but, why would you wanna be indoors with a jacket on?  Here's an easier way,  you can put a shorter shirt on top of it, or you can put a thin fashionable shirt under it.  Another tip,  You don't have to go to designer stores or even JCP to find the cutest clothes.  I suggest Goodwill, Salvation Army, or even yard sales.  You probably think that that's just totally gross, but actually  people try on all different clothes at designer stores.  My point is that the shirt that you just bought, may have had 15 different people in it. Not so gross after all is it. 

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